In AUTUMN LEAVES Peter Haase presents a collection of more than thirty short stories, essays and poems. There are the heartwarming memories of his beloved hometown, Rostock, before it was destroyed during World War II and after rebuilding it to an important German seaport on the Baltic Sea. He tells some of the hilarious events that took place in Ecuador, his home for five years, before moving to New York. A sailor since early childhood, Peter spins a surreal tale of misfortune at sea in Sailor's Nightmare. He not only dreams up disaster stories of his boat life, but also shows his wild imagination and humor in Sea Raisins. While the episodes In the Sauna are the witty conversation of two friends, The Agent is written in the somber style of Franz Kafka. Confession of an Atheist as well as The Myth of Reincarnation, and others, declare the author's views on religion and spirituality. AUTUMN LEAVES shows Peter Haase's versatility in style and subject matters, from the sensitive to the absurd, from outrageously funny to dead serious.

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