Gene Hull's award winning story of Big Band life, Cruise Ships, Show Productions. The sensitive true story of one man's struggle for success in the music business. Katherine Hepburn scolded him. Duke Ellington hired him. Elvis greeted him. Benny Goodman inspired him. Leonard Bernstein thanked him. Las Vegas applauded him. Vic Damone congratulated him. Count Basie taught him. Paul Whiteman berated him. His family still loved him. "A vividly sketched memoir that grabs the reader and doesn't let go." The Pittsburgh Press Tribune "Highly recommended, inspirational, original... loaded with wry humor." Kaye Trout Reviews. "A career that deserves a standing ovation." The Palm Beach Post

Peter Haase has two passions since his early youth; sailing and writing. In this memoir he relates his experiences in his own cruising boat, sailing in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Cuba and the Florida Keys. He takes the reader through storms and calm seas to tropical islands, deserted anchorages and meeting fascinating people and lonely passages.

Why me? This is the question Almut Metzroth asked when horrid occurrences forcefully altered her life's course. She grew up in Germany during the 1930s and '40s amid turbulent political and military encroachment. The raw reality of war fought in her homeland made survival a constant struggle. At the hands of Soviet troops in 1945, she and her parents suffered periods of captivity and forced labor, deprivation, rape, hunger, and ever-present fear. After a courageous flight to West Germany, Metzroth and parents tasted personal freedom after many years without it. The fear disappeared but the new beginning caused much stress. In her book the author tells of her unshakable desire for happiness and fulfillment. Education is her vehicle to success. In college she meets her husband. Together they leave Germany for America and write another chapter of their life as a family. When a teacher, Almut Metzroth shares her enthusiasm for learning with high school students. She takes them on trips to Europe to awaken an appreciation of foreign cultures and recognition of their common bonds. Reflecting on her success, she now considers, why not me?

In this autobiography the author recounts his life as a young German during the tumultuous times of World War II and the following years. He grew up with the conflicting interests of the non-stop Nazi propaganda and his family's values. The title of this book mirrors the elder Metzroth's admonition to his son to think for himself. Drafted in 1943 into the German Air Force Auxiliary, Luftwaffen- helfer, the author later volunteered for the Airborne troops to escape service in the SS. Participating in the last days of the battle of Anzio and the continuous retreat of the German military through Italy, he became a POW of the Americans on his eighteenth birthday. For fifteen months the author was a prisoner in a camp in Florida and, subsequently, for another two years in Great Britain. His life in the German forces and as a POW gives considerable insight into the events during the odyssey of a young man caught up in world politics. The adjustment to freedom after his final repatriation was almost as dramatic as the war years. His fluency in English enabled him to work for the American military in Germany. In 1954 the author emigrated to the United States with his wife and son. The adjustments and struggles to make a living for his family, and his eventual success is the story of many immigrants who came to this country.