World War II begins. France collapses from the German onslaught. England stands alone. When a British spy discovers that Nazi scientists are working on a secret weapon, a nuclear device of unthinkable power, Britain must act. In this novel, Barry Wood weaves together the lives of three captivating people: James Royce, the troubled, facially scarred mountain climber who struggles to keep his demons in check, yet when told he alone possesses the secret to saving England and undertakes the mission. Daphne Elliot, a beautiful, independent American, who loved Royce and when slighted by him, turns her ambitions to become a wartime ferry pilot. Kenneth Sommers, a handsome, self-assured RAF Squadron leader, in love with Daphne and teaches her to excel in flying Spitfires. Driven by his love for his country, he uses his skills against the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, knowing full well, his combat days are numbered. Through their thoughts and actions, a chronicle of courage unfolds. The history is real, the events unforgettable, the action relentless—the ending, staggering. 

Everyone's got a Story!

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