Elizabeth, “Ellie”, Gerard, New York City’s sweetheart tech tycoon is the creator and founder of Forum, one of the largest internet search engines in the world. Because of the intensity and stress of her corporate world, she also desperately needs a vacation.
Ellie boards her private jet and fly’s to the magnificent Rutherford Mansion on Malibu Beach, California. Shortly after her arrival, she meets Vincent Torentino, a handsome, charming stranger. The two begin a romantic affair, but soon, Ellie finds herself in an explosive and seductively dangerous situation. Unaware of both the dark history of her suitor, and the conspiracy within her corporation, Ellie must use her intelligence and resourcefulness to escape a horrible fate. Will she beat the odds and return to her wealthy status in corporate America, or will she become one of the many nameless victims of a savage murderer?

Hidden Rage will have you on the edge of your seat and unwilling to turn out the light after you turn the last, exciting page. 

Tyler Chapman was in Paradise, fly fishing in a North Carolina mountain stream. He had no idea that he was about to become the first victim of a terrifying deadly virus. Gerard Hansen, author of Neogenesis, weaves a dramatic tale of a mysterious epidemic, and a team of workaholic scientists trying to stop it. Megan Selby from the CDC tries to balance team leadership, parenting twin toddlers, and a husband in Africa on a humanitarian mission. Jamal Winston, a young neurologist, is forced to step up and confront the monster disease. Jack Dahlkemper, former college linebacker turned scientist questions whether the source of the disease is demonic. A young intrepid reporter, Nick Polakov, is trying to expose a massive international stock fraud scheme. Undercover agent Sandi Meyerson has been assigned to secretly protect him from a vague, but deadly, assassination plot. Predictably, professionalism and romance collide, endangering both of them. Both teams converge to discover a secret cabal of wealthy and powerful men whose ultimate goal is global domination.

Everyone's got a story!

La Maison Publishing Inc.

Natalie Monroe is looking for a second chance at love. Just as she’s about to give up on romance, Daniel Weaver contacts her through their class website. Handsome and charming, he says all the right things to make her fall in love with him. Natalie doesn’t know that Daniel is a master manipulator. Coming up with one scheme after another, he convinces her to finance his sketchy endeavors to earn money. As he slowly takes control of her life, Natalie finds herself on an emotional roller coaster, desperately trying to regain her independence. Entangled in love, money, and the dream, she’s reluctant to leave Daniel, but faces financial ruin if she stays.

So, how did you treat your substitute teachers back in school? A veteran public school substitute teacher of over 22 years (in three states) takes you inside the classroom to share a first-hand accounting of his more interesting experiences…both the good and the not-so-good. This former “sub” chose to be anonymous, and only someone with that amount of “subbing” experience could’ve written this one-of-a-kind memoir, sprinkled with ‘Pet Peeves’ and ‘Really Neat Tidbits’.

Paul Granby, a successful historical author who has carved a niche for himself as a defender of history’s outcasts, undertakes an assignment to write a book about a mysterious person whose identity will not be revealed until a subsequent face-to-face meeting. What follows is a suspenseful secret journey in Europe and a stunning confrontation with a Nazi leader in hiding and the outpouring of historical information relating to the period between 1918 and 1945 that has never before been presented in the same context and manner in published texts dealing with the Nazi regime.

World War II begins. France collapses from the German onslaught. England stands alone. When a British spy discovers that Nazi scientists are working on a secret weapon, a nuclear device of unthinkable power, Britain must act. In this novel, Barry Wood weaves together the lives of three captivating people: James Royce, the troubled, facially scarred mountain climber who struggles to keep his demons in check, yet when told he alone possesses the secret to saving England and undertakes the mission. Daphne Elliot, a beautiful, independent American, who loved Royce and when slighted by him, turns her ambitions to become a wartime ferry pilot. Kenneth Sommers, a handsome, self-assured RAF Squadron leader, in love with Daphne and teaches her to excel in flying Spitfires. Driven by his love for his country, he uses his skills against the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, knowing full well, his combat days are numbered. Through their thoughts and actions, a chronicle of courage unfolds. The history is real, the events unforgettable, the action relentless—the ending, staggering.