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In AUTUMN LEAVES Peter Haase presents a collection of more than thirty short stories, essays and poems. There are the heartwarming memories of his beloved hometown, Rostock, before it was destroyed during World War II and after rebuilding it to an important German seaport on the Baltic Sea. He tells some of the hilarious events that took place in Ecuador, his home for five years, before moving to New York. A sailor since early childhood, Peter spins a surreal tale of misfortune at sea in Sailor's Nightmare. He not only dreams up disaster stories of his boat life, but also shows his wild imagination and humor in Sea Raisins. While the episodes In the Sauna are the witty conversation of two friends, The Agent is written in the somber style of Franz Kafka. Confession of an Atheist as well as The Myth of Reincarnation, and others, declare the author's views on religion and spirituality. AUTUMN LEAVES shows Peter Haase's versatility in style and subject matters, from the sensitive to the absurd, from outrageously funny to dead serious.

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Peter Haase, Jane Caracci, Bert Metzroth, and Almut Metzroth

In this autobiography the author recounts his life as a young German during the tumultuous times of World War II and the following years. He grew up with the conflicting interests of the non-stop Nazi propaganda and his family's values. The title of this book mirrors the elder Metzroth's admonition to his son to think for himself. Drafted in 1943 into the German Air Force Auxiliary, Luftwaffen- helfer, the author later volunteered for the Airborne troops to escape service in the SS. Participating in the last days of the battle of Anzio and the continuous retreat of the German military through Italy, he became a POW of the Americans on his eighteenth birthday. For fifteen months the author was a prisoner in a camp in Florida and, subsequently, for another two years in Great Britain. His life in the German forces and as a POW gives considerable insight into the events during the odyssey of a young man caught up in world politics. The adjustment to freedom after his final repatriation was almost as dramatic as the war years. His fluency in English enabled him to work for the American military in Germany. In 1954 the author emigrated to the United States with his wife and son. The adjustments and struggles to make a living for his family, and his eventual success is the story of many immigrants who came to this country.

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Why me? This is the question Almut Metzroth asked when horrid occurrences forcefully altered her life's course. She grew up in Germany during the 1930s and '40s amid turbulent political and military encroachment. The raw reality of war fought in her homeland made survival a constant struggle. At the hands of Soviet troops in 1945, she and her parents suffered periods of captivity and forced labor, deprivation, rape, hunger, and ever-present fear. After a courageous flight to West Germany, Metzroth and parents tasted personal freedom after many years without it. The fear disappeared but the new beginning caused much stress. In her book the author tells of her unshakable desire for happiness and fulfillment. Education is her vehicle to success. In college she meets her husband. Together they leave Germany for America and write another chapter of their life as a family. When a teacher, Almut Metzroth shares her enthusiasm for learning with high school students. She takes them on trips to Europe to awaken an appreciation of foreign cultures and recognition of their common bonds. Reflecting on her success, she now considers, why not me?

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In the small southern town of Riversedge are people from different walks of life. None are rich or famous, perhaps rather ordinary, with the exception of Grandma who lives on Turner Street. The old woman is referred to as Grandma only because no one knows her name, not even the postman. She seemingly receives no mail, visitors or even the requirements to live, and it appears she needs nothing. She has no desire to talk to anyone and most people don't bother to talk to her. So why did she choose to live the life of a recluse? What is her secret? When Sally and Tom Lester move to Riversedge the mystery of Turner Street becomes more apparent. Sally struggles to befriend Grandma. This involves Grandma's front porch and her neighbors which causes suspense to increase. Slowly, as the mystery unravels we learn the unthinkable not only about Grandma but also her neighborhood and some of the residents.

Gene Hull's award winning story of Big Band life, Cruise Ships, Show Productions. The sensitive true story of one man's struggle for success in the music business. Katherine Hepburn scolded him. Duke Ellington hired him. Elvis greeted him. Benny Goodman inspired him. Leonard Bernstein thanked him. Las Vegas applauded him. Vic Damone congratulated him. Count Basie taught him. Paul Whiteman berated him. His family still loved him. "A vividly sketched memoir that grabs the reader and doesn't let go." The Pittsburgh Press Tribune "Highly recommended, inspirational, original... loaded with wry humor." Kaye Trout Reviews. "A career that deserves a standing ovation." The Palm Beach Post

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SLICE OF LIFE, a surprising potpourri of literary short stories, is rooted by intriguing characters and soul-searching plot twists cleverly and believably crafted. You'll meet Leonardo, a naïve young musician, confronted and confused by a charming older woman in a San Francisco jazz club. Alison and her two sisters, on a New Hampshire reunion hike, attacked by a roving black bear. A bickering senior couple who gets lost while driving at night on a Florida back road. Warren Duphiney, a shy professional photographer who meets a beautiful young woman running in the park... Jess Carter attempting a daring rescue of a TV newswoman trapped in Pennsylvania coal mine...Lyle Baker , a young veteran who returns to his surprised North Texas hometown many years after the war... and many more personalities who can help but stimulate and satisfy. Gene Hull is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with additional studies at Fairfield University, Juilliard and the Creative Writing Program of Florida International University. Slice of Life is his third book.

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Tyler Chapman was in Paradise, fly fishing in a North Carolina mountain stream. He had no idea that he was about to become the first victim of a terrifying deadly virus. Gerard Hansen, author of Neogenesis, weaves a dramatic tale of a mysterious epidemic, and a team of workaholic scientists trying to stop it. Megan Selby from the CDC tries to balance team leadership, parenting twin toddlers, and a husband in Africa on a humanitarian mission. Jamal Winston, a young neurologist, is forced to step up and confront the monster disease. Jack Dahlkemper, former college linebacker turned scientist questions whether the source of the disease is demonic. A young intrepid reporter, Nick Polakov, is trying to expose a massive international stock fraud scheme. Undercover agent Sandi Meyerson has been assigned to secretly protect him from a vague, but deadly, assassination plot. Predictably, professionalism and romance collide, endangering both of them. Both teams converge to discover a secret cabal of wealthy and powerful men whose ultimate goal is global domination.

Paul Granby, a successful historical author who has carved a niche for himself as a defender of history’s outcasts, undertakes an assignment to write a book about a mysterious person whose identity will not be revealed until a subsequent face-to-face meeting. What follows is a suspenseful secret journey in Europe and a stunning confrontation with a Nazi leader in hiding and the outpouring of historical information relating to the period between 1918 and 1945 that has never before been presented in the same context and manner in published texts dealing with the Nazi regime.